Ten reasons to join S[&]T

Are you thinking of joining S[&]T? Here are ten reasons to apply now!

Top openings

At S[&]T, we're always looking for great people, and our openings change regularly. Here is a glimpse at 6 typical profiles of the type of candidates we're looking for!

Experienced Software Developers

We are always looking for a passionate Software Developer to build high-quality, innovative and fully performing software in compliance with coding standards and technical design. Software Developer responsibilities will include development, writing code, and documenting functionality.

Business Developers / Project Managers

Do you have experience with business development, proposal & bid writing? Would you like to follow up new business opportunities and coordinate all aspects of project implementation according to the established time schedule? If so, we'd love to get in touch!

Scientific Software Engineers

Our projects will put your software skillset to use on the latest scientific developments! Our team typically works in C++ and/or Python and uses Matlab, IDL or equivalent. If you are an experienced engineer capable of supporting the full software life cycle of a project, please let us know, we'd love to receive your CV.

Don't see yourself here? No worries - you can always send an open application via the form below, or look through our most recent highlighted career opportunities

Becoming an S[&]T'er

Are you thinking about joining us? Here's what that might look like:

At S[&]T, we enjoy a diverse range of positions, but there are a few things that are similar for all of us. We celebrate fun things with taart. We are client-driven and people-focused. We make use of a network of S[&]T'ers across different types of clients. We work on really cool projects that we are passionate about. We meet every quarter for a company status update, pizza and 'øl'. 

Being an S[&]T'er means knowing that you have a friendly group of colleagues just a phone call away. Whether you'd like to ask for a new development server for your project, or when the next group trip is, we'll make sure you're in the know. 

On top of valuing high-tech skillsets, we also value communication and team work, and we try to actively support genuine connections between S[&]T'ers with teambuilding trips and hosted events. We make sure that even our external events are available to S[&]T'ers - so if you have questions, come by and meet our team-members. They'd love to tell you what their day looks like!

Becoming an S[&]T'er is always a multi-step process, and commonly happens as a relationship builds over time. We often see that a candidate isn't quite the right person for whatever role we were initially in contact about, but we see that first contact as just that - the first introduction to who you are and what you are looking for. 

Over time, we keep track of different positions and options that go by, and we will be in touch to evaluate your best matches together. Once we've determined that there is a good match, we typically have a three step process, first you have a quick call with our recruitment team to ensure that everyone is on the same page, then you will speak with an account manager for the position, who will further evaluate the match. Once these two initial evaluations are completed, we involve the technical project team either internally or at our client, and then support the decision making process by yourself and that team as needed. 

After the decision has been made that you should become an S[&]T'er we plan in a final meeting to discuss and finalise your contract, start date, and other practical details leading up to joining our team. If you're needing to move from another country, we'll help you plan for that process, for instance.

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