21 Dec
We are hiring

Scientific Software Engineer

We are looking for a skilled scientific software engineer to join our S[&]T team in Norway/Oslo.

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20 Dec
Railroad Valley in California (USA). The false-color overlay shows the Analysis Ready Data that HyperScout produced on board, ready to be interpreted.

HyperScout demonstrates that satellite imagery can be processed in space

HyperScout 1, the first miniaturized hyperspectral imager for space, successfully demonstrated that it is possible to process the images that are gathered by a satellite on board.

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10 Apr


  • Intelligent Software Applications

Cooperative mobility solution for supervised platooning.

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07 Apr

CCI Toolbox = scientific data processing algorithms

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Software tools to simplify handling, inspection and analysis of CCI data products.

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03 Apr

Ash Cloud Impact

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Timely data on volcanic eruptions and associated ash activity in combination with flight data.

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