05 Sep

An Auto-ML framework for EO

  • Intelligent Software Applications
  • Technical R&D Consulting

S&T 's automated ML framework tailored to Earth Observation

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16 Aug


  • Scientific Data Processing
  • Intelligent Software Applications

Using our Geomosaic tool, we can quickly generate cloud-free mosaics for a given region anywhere in the world by only providing a region of interest and a date range

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06 May

Imperfect cameras and how to fix them

Straylight is something which is exhibited in any system of lenses, and causes light to be scattered in hard-to-predict ways. In the ESA's Instrument Data Simulator (IDS) project for the Sentinel-4 satellite’s inside the UVN spectrometer there are two detectors we are simulating, it's the UVVIS and NIR. As with all optics, these are susceptible to a range of phenomena that need to be accounted for. For the past six months, we've been working on implementing a simulation of the phenomenon called straylight.

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20 Dec
Railroad Valley in California (USA). The false-color overlay shows the Analysis Ready Data that HyperScout produced on board, ready to be interpreted.

HyperScout demonstrates that satellite imagery can be processed in space

HyperScout 1, the first miniaturized hyperspectral imager for space, successfully demonstrated that it is possible to process the images that are gathered by a satellite on board.

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07 Apr

CCI Toolbox = scientific data processing algorithms

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Software tools to simplify handling, inspection and analysis of CCI data products.

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