22 Oct
Senior scientific software engineer

Experienced Machine Learning Engineer

Are you fascinated by data science and want to be part of the exciting and continuously developing space industry? Are you ambitious and looking for challenging projects to grow your skills?

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06 May

Imperfect cameras and how to fix them

Straylight is something which is exhibited in any system of lenses, and causes light to be scattered in hard-to-predict ways. In the ESA's Instrument Data Simulator (IDS) project for the Sentinel-4 satellite’s inside the UVN spectrometer there are two detectors we are simulating, it's the UVVIS and NIR. As with all optics, these are susceptible to a range of phenomena that need to be accounted for. For the past six months, we've been working on implementing a simulation of the phenomenon called straylight.

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21 Dec
We are hiring

Scientific Software Engineer

We are looking for a skilled scientific software engineer to join our S[&]T team in Norway/Oslo.

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23 Apr
DSI project


  • Scientific Data Processing

Efficient system to re-process and bulk-process the satellite data to help meet the needs of the user community.

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20 Apr

Sentinel-4 UVN Instrument Data Simulator

  • Scientific Data Processing

The data product simulates what will be observed by the UVN instrument when in orbit.

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16 Apr


  • Scientific Data Processing

EarthCARE will acquire global datasets of cloud and aerosol profiles at the same time.

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14 Apr

CCI Greenland and Antarctica

  • Scientific Data Processing

Long time series data products for the vast land areas Greenland and Antarctica.

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12 Apr

Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform

  • Scientific Data Processing

Backend technology solutions to enable the scalable processing platform to operate efficiently and across data formats and processor types.

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