06 May

Imperfect cameras and how to fix them

Straylight is something which is exhibited in any system of lenses, and causes light to be scattered in hard-to-predict ways. In the ESA's Instrument Data Simulator (IDS) project for the Sentinel-4 satellite’s inside the UVN spectrometer there are two detectors we are simulating, it's the UVVIS and NIR. As with all optics, these are susceptible to a range of phenomena that need to be accounted for. For the past six months, we've been working on implementing a simulation of the phenomenon called straylight.

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21 Dec
We are hiring

Scientific Software Engineer

We are looking for a skilled scientific software engineer to join our S[&]T team in Norway/Oslo.

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23 Apr
DSI project


  • Scientific Data Processing

Efficient system to re-process and bulk-process the satellite data to help meet the needs of the user community.

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20 Apr

Sentinel-4 UVN Instrument Data Simulator

  • Scientific Data Processing

The data product simulates what will be observed by the UVN instrument when in orbit.

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16 Apr


  • Scientific Data Processing

EarthCARE will acquire global datasets of cloud and aerosol profiles at the same time.

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14 Apr

CCI Greenland and Antarctica

  • Scientific Data Processing

Long time series data products for the vast land areas Greenland and Antarctica.

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12 Apr

Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform

  • Scientific Data Processing

Backend technology solutions to enable the scalable processing platform to operate efficiently and across data formats and processor types.

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