20 Dec
Railroad Valley in California (USA). The false-color overlay shows the Analysis Ready Data that HyperScout produced on board, ready to be interpreted.

HyperScout demonstrates that satellite imagery can be processed in space

HyperScout 1, the first miniaturized hyperspectral imager for space, successfully demonstrated that it is possible to process the images that are gathered by a satellite on board.

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18 Jan

LUMIO winner of ESA'S LUCE SYSNOVA competition

LUMIO: the cubesat that will watch meteoroid impacts on the far side of the Moon

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20 Apr

Sentinel-4 UVN Instrument Data Simulator

  • Scientific Data Processing

The data product simulates what will be observed by the UVN instrument when in orbit.

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18 Apr


  • Sensing and Control Systems

An onboard processing module for hyperspectral imaging missions.

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16 Apr


  • Scientific Data Processing

EarthCARE will acquire global datasets of cloud and aerosol profiles at the same time.

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12 Apr

Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform

  • Scientific Data Processing

Backend technology solutions to enable the scalable processing platform to operate efficiently and across data formats and processor types.

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07 Apr

CCI Toolbox = scientific data processing algorithms

  • Intelligent Software Applications

Software tools to simplify handling, inspection and analysis of CCI data products.

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