13 Oct

AI Research as a Service (RaaS)

  • Technical R&D Consulting

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized our lives, but it isn’t “easy-peasy”: it requires expertise and experience.  Fortunately, the web is full of resources, and information is more available than ever:  If you want to develop your AI in-house, you can do that. However, what about domain expertise? Very few people have it, and often having access to domain expertise is what makes the difference! s. How do you handle clouds in a satellite image? What is a good way to represent a small, line-like structure? How do you enforce the connectivity of roads? S&T’s AI  Research as a Service (RaaS) can help with that!

S&T, via RaaS, combines the best part of academia and industry:

  • Agile, quick iterations: we are more industry-oriented than academia

  • Focused:  We have domain expertise with a specific focus on computer vision and remote sensing.

  • Flexible: We adapt to the project scale and type.

What we can do for you:

  • Advising on AI: Do you have a team, but you are stuck? We can help with advice, recommendations of alternatives, etc. 

  • Feasibility studies: Do you have something in mind but you are not sure if it is possible at all? What would be a reasonable approach? We can figure it out for you!

  • Prototyping: Let’s build it together!

  • Comprehensive research project: We can help from formulating the idea to state-of-the-art research!

  • Consultancy: Let’s discuss the scope, we might be able to help you! :o) 

Our domain

Our primary expertise is applied AI research, focused on computer vision and remote sensing, but our team has a broad background (from medical imaging to geomatics), so don’t hesitate to contact us: your challenge is our challenge!


We have been working for the European Space Agency since 2010, having several ongoing AI projects in progress. Classifying tree species in Norwegian forestry, detecting deforestation drivers on Borneo and estimating snow melting in Greenland are three topics we are proud to work on. Check it out: 


In the above projects, we collaborate with NTNU and UiO on AI research, the World Resources Institute on deforestation alerts, with the Danish Technical University (DTU), the University of Leeds and Lancaster University on applying AI in climate change monitoring initiatives.