02 Oct

Contemporary Geomosaic

  • Scientific Data Processing
  • Intelligent Software Applications

Empower your ability for natural resources management by adding the easy-to-use Geomosaic product to your toolbox.

Contemporary Geomosaics is a versatile, global product, offering an analysis-ready, cloudless mosaic of images. Based on Sentinel-2 imagery, with a spatial detail of 10m, users can now access more accurate and detailed insights for their projects. 

Environmental Agencies and R&D institutions can, for example, employ S[&]T’s Contemporary Geomosaic as input to their machine learning models, to establish a forest reference mask, as “ground truth”, or as an analysis-ready base map for specific indices generation and maximization. Indeed, Geomosaic Contemporary is easy-to-use and easily fits into existing workflows.

Key features of the new service: 

  • Analysis-Ready: Our global, cloudless, and multispectral solution ensures the traceability of each pixel, which means transparency and trust in data interpretation.
  • User-Friendly: No more long integration procedures! Geomosaic easily “blends” into existing user chains. 
  • Large Scale: Do you have a vast area to monitor? Geomosaic is ideal for handling such areas.
  • Versatility: Fulfilling a large variety of use cases, Contemporary Geomosaic serves as the one-stop solution for diverse needs. 

Our Contemporary Geomocais is available for purchase on the Nextland Marketplace.

For further information on Contemporary Geomosaic, please contact Daniele Fantin, Product Manager of Geomosaic, S[&]T: fantin@stcorp.no


Mosaic of the a region in South Norway (left) and the tile map used for its creation (right).