21 Dec

Scientific Software Engineer

Keywords: Deep Learning, Advanced Analytics, Image Processing, Data Science, Satellite Imagery, Onboard Software, Forest monitoring, Hyperspectral imager, Nanosatellite

We are looking for a skilled scientific software engineer to join our S[&]T team in Norway/Oslo. 

At S[&]T we push technological boundaries with the aim of staying in the forefront of innovative, state-of-the-art applications. Together with our international customers we utilize novel techniques and platforms to make big data image analytics more scalable and automated. Several of our projects involve intelligent processing of imaging payload data from spaceborne and airborne platforms, pushing embedded systems to their limit.

In November 2018 we successfully became the first in the world to do image processing on data from a miniaturized hyperspectral imager onboard a small satellite in orbit. This ground-breaking achievement enables an industry shift towards having intelligent satellites capable of offering users on the ground derived analytics without relying on heavy and time-consuming ground segment systems. See hyperscout.nl for further details.

We have for several years been working closely with the forest industry to innovate their resource management tools, by using various machine learning techniques for retrieving more efficient and accurate information out of very large image datasets. We use, amongst others, deep convolutional neural networks for the interpretation of multispectral satellite datasets, and continuously explore new techniques and new datasets becoming available. See silvisense.com.

Your typical activities 

  • Software development for scientific applications, independent or in a team; 
  • Optimizing processing throughput by improving algorithm, code implementation, IT infrastructure; 
  • Testing and documentation of the software; 
  • Communication with the project partners and/or the customer within the projects; 
  • Communication of your technical opinions and results within the company; 
  • Support on proposal/bids writing. 

Your qualities

  • You have completed a higher technical education (MSc or PhD) in Aerospace, Cybernetics, Physics, Computer Science, Informatics or similar topics. 
  • You have hands-on experience in working with machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.
  • You have experience with software development, preferably in Python and/or C++ and interest in special purpose processors such as GPU and FPGA. 
  • Preferably you have knowledge of interfaces such as I2C, SPI, CAN, SpaceWire or SpaceFibre.
  • There is a preference for experience with FGPA development and space platforms or small power constrained platforms in general.
  • A background from working with (Earth observation) imaging satellite instrument data is preferred.
  • You function well in a team and are able to communicate effectively and clearly (both verbally and in writing) with customers and your team members. 
  • You have a strong analytical mind that enjoys coming up with novel solutions. 
  • You are flexible and motivated, in work tasks and approaches, adhering to professional standards while maintaining a result and customer focus. 
  • You are capable of self-study and quickly acquiring new knowledge/new skills across technical areas. 
  • You are fluent in written and spoken English. 

Who we are

Science [&] Technology AS (S[&]T) is part of the S[&]T Corporation (headquarters in the Netherlands), operating for more than 18 years in project implementations and product developments where science and technology play an important role, building bridges from technical capabilities through to market-ready solutions. 

For more information see stcorp.no.

Some of our projects 

  • Simulating the next generation European weather satellite instrument; 
  • Automated large-scale forest monitoring (image-based); 
  • Climate change monitoring of the ice sheets; 
  • In-orbit satellite data processing.

Your gain 

  • Opportunity to work in a dynamic, high-tech company. 
  • Opportunity to be involved in European projects in teams of multinational top scientists & engineers. 
  • Opportunity for career growth, wide variety of projects, and responsibility for cutting edge technology development. 


  • S[&]T offices in MESH, Oslo, Norway 
  • Start date: as soon as possible 

Please send your application with CV to info@stcorp.no. or contact Christina Aas at +47 99 45 91 28 or Maria Jozefiak at + 47 45 911 694.