20 Apr

Sentinel-4 UVN Instrument Data Simulator

  • Scientific Data Processing


Europe needs improved and continued operational monitoring of atmospheric trace gas concentrations, air pollution levels, climate protocol and air quality protocol. This monitoring needs to happen at high revisit times and with high resolution.

Technology used

The Copernicus mission Sentinel-4 is designed to support operational monitoring services with its UVN instrument, covering measurements in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared spectral range. The measurements will be provided with an 8km spatial resolution with a new product available every hour.

The instrument is developed by Airbus Defence & Space as the prime contractor.


Airbus has contracted S[&]T to develop the Instrument Data Simulator (IDS) for the S-4/UVN instrument. The IDS converts the top-of-atmosphere simulated signal into raw measurement counts as included in the simulated Level-0 instrument measurement product.

The data product simulates what will be observed by the UVN instrument when in orbit. These types of simulated data products are utilized during instrument development, to simulate instrument performance, support the product error budget and assist the closed loop testing of the processing chain. The test data generated by the prototype processors and the IDS is utilized to verify the scientific processing algorithms and assess the accuracy and completeness of the characterization and calibration database.

The IDS is further utilized, after mission launch, to support the instrument in-orbit commissioning phase and verify the instrument performance according to requirements and expectation.