R&D Solutions for Earth Observation

We specialise in bringing technology to the market via S[&]T projects. Some of our highlighted projects:

  • Machine Learning for Earth Observation

    • Feasibility studies (EO4SMB)

    • Prototyping (GLAD alert classification)

    • Applied research (CCI+ Greenland and Antarctica)

    • Product development (check out our forestry projects, e.g. Sentree)

  • Scientific Data Processing

    • Satellite instrument simulators (Sentinel-4)

    • On-board processing

    • Data processor pipelines

  • Data services

    • Cloud-free geomosaics

    • Customized land cover maps, change detection

  • Technical Consulting


Do you have a remote sensing challenge which is not enumerated? Still don’t hesitate to contact us! We found solutions from the coolest problems in Greenland to the hottest topics in the rainforests, probably we can find a solution for you too.