Human engineering

Human engineering

We understand that engineers are people first, and we place importance and focus on ensuring that the whole picture makes sense for our colleagues and partners. From stopping by with treats and team spirit during complicated delivery campaigns to being flexible for team members who need help accommodating personal situations, we know that having a motivated, focused team matters. Allowing those who work for and with us to be human is part of what we believe gives us an ability to achieve the most together.

Meet a few S[&]T'ers

We don't have room to introduce our whole team, but here are a few tidbits about some of our S[&]T'ers.

Support [&] Teamwork

We love finding inventive ways to meet the social and technical needs of our team. Whether spontaneous or planned, we enjoy creating a comfortable atmosphere where our employees can thrive. Here are a few examples of things we do together!

Looking for a way to connect with us? Check out our upcoming events, and see if there is one that might fit your schedule.

SnT Norway Winter 2015

Meant to be at S[&]T

At S[&]T we believe in being personable, and professional. We support our colleagues and partners spending time on what they find most important. We accept that it’s best for both the people we’re working with and ourselves to only spend time on projects where there is mutual and equal motivation. We say some things are meant to be at S[&]T, because we know that our professional partnership will be stronger for the long run if we're open and honest about each party's interest in the short-term. 

Choosing a partner

Looking for an experienced partner in your R&D endeavours? We are ready and willing to take on long, challenging projects together. Our flexibility makes us an ideal partner to find a tailored solution via our people, projects or products.

How we work